The Koh Legacy

 29 Duku Road

The Koh side of my family is scattered all over Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America. In my growing up years, 29 Duku Road was THE place to be every Sunday. It was THE day of the week when I felt a part of a larger family.


Every single one of my uncles, aunts, and cousins will remember lazy Sunday afternoons at 29 Duku Road. No matter how busy the week had been, it was something we never thought of missing. Mama cooking her “Babi Tauyu” (Pork with Soya Sauce), Kong Kong dressed in his sarong. There was always feasting. And, there was always storytelling – about the old days, about an uncle, a family friend, or what was happening in the neighbourhood, or the big snake among Mama’s pile of old newspapers that made Ah Poh (the nanny) jump, or how uncle Alec caught Jill (Kong Kong’s trouble-making pet monkey) when she climbed into the neighbour’s house.

It has been forever long since we had a gathering where every single one of our family members is able to be present. These days we keep in touch through facebook. Sadly, the seniors ones are left behind in our facebook world.

I treasure those early childhood memories. The Koh Family… It is where I feel rooted. It is where stories started for me.

Posted 24 September 2014