Moken Sea Gypsies

How the Moken Sea Gypsies got their Book

In 1974, a young history tutor left the security and comforts of her university job to live among a little-known people of the sea. She encountered pirates, cobras, leaking boats in the open seas, killings, cerebral malaria, illness, encounters with demons – enduring hardships and dangers of every kind to bring the people their Book.

Naw Say Bay is a Burmese anthropologist, linguist, educator, Bible teacher and translator. She has worked among the Moken Sea Gypsies in Myanmar for more than 35 years.

I had the privilege of writing her amazing story.
How the Moken Sea Gypsies Got Their Book was published in 2007.

The paperback is available on sale for purchase <here>. All proceeds of the sales will be channelled to support the work among the Moken people.

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