I will die happy. I will live happy.
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Celebrated another birthday on 8 October. Had a good day with Mum. Also spent some time to nail down my […] Read more!
Small fish meets big fish
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My small start up is a client of a big empire. Recently, I found myself in the position of now […] Read more!
He rewards
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And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists […] Read more!
From hunter to fisherman
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Not the blatant form of sin, oh no! Not. But the slow insidious erosion of life lived in Christ. It […] Read more!
Everything’s going to be fine
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Was up at about 5.30 am. Decided to take an early morning walk. There’s been so many starts and stops […] Read more!
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The challenges I am facing as a start-up is daunting. It’s fine when you get hit by one set back, […] Read more!
Publish about such things
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I’ve been observing the kind of stuff that gets posted on FaceBook or other social media. It made me think […] Read more!
A piece of the jigsaw puzzle
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You are eating at an up-market restaurant in town. Suddenly, the waitress who is serving you breaks out in beautiful […] Read more!