DS in Singapore eight years on
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On 18 September I will be starting my 22-day long trip to the USA. I am honoured to be awarded a grant […] Read more!
A digital story montage for SG50
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It has been an amazing 6-months learning journey creating ASPN Tanglin’s School’s Digital Storytelling Montage in celebration of Singapore’s 50th […] Read more!
An audio track turned digital story
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I shared in 5 Steps to Kickstart Your Digital Memoir Project how an audio interview if done right can… Stand on […] Read more!
“Potato chip” stories
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My Story #1 One day I attended a talk organised by the National Book Development Council of Singapore. The speaker […] Read more!
5 steps to kickstart your digital memoir project
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 A Mummy and Daughter Memories Project With some persuasion, I convinced Mum that we should spend a few minutes every morning (or as […] Read more!
Intentional Blogging Month
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One day I received a phone call from a young 20-year-old. She had tracked me down from the web. She was […] Read more!
The Arc of Storytelling
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Here’s a 15-minute video on Storytelling worth watching. Bobette Buster articulates so well… In our culture, he who tells the best […] Read more!
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** The links on this post was updated on 18 October 2014. I finally got our website up. Recently, Au and I […] Read more!