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This tutorial playlist was created for Tyros workshop participants. The programmes are free or come bundled with your Mac or PC computers.

I usually introduce Audacity (Audio editing) and WeVideo (Video editing) at my workshops. Here are tutorials for iMovie and MovieMaker 2.6 with comments for each software so to help you make an informed choice on which will suit you best.


You will need Audacity for your editing your voiceover. The programme is free and available for use on both the Mac and PC. You can download Audacity at



Video Editing Software
FOR BEST USER EXPERIENCE, my preferred video editing software is WeVideo The software sits on the Cloud so you will need an Internet Connection to get it up and running.

Although the free plan is more than enough to get you started on your video production, I highly recommend paying for their FLEX plan. There is NO EXPIRY date for the FLEX plan. What you pay for is 60 minutes of export time for a 780p file.

The programme comes with lots of short tutorials to guide you through every part of the video production. Both iOS and Android have WeVideo apps so you can also point and shoot or record your voiceover with your Smart phones and sync them into your WeVideo project folder.

With the Flex plan, you get additional advanced features, 400 stock music and videos, and NO WeVideo watermark. The Storyteller’s Story, my 1-minute digital story was done entirely on WeVideo to showcase what’s possible when you have a good story script.


iMovie is a video editing tool that is bundled with your Mac computer. Promise – the Bukit Ho Swee Story was created on iMovie.



MovieMaker 2.6 is a free entry-level video editing software for PCs. There are a lot of glitches in the programme but it gets the job done and a good option for those without Internet connection. The programme can be downloaded at

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