The art of music for digital stories

Digital Storytelling is an art that combines words (poetry almost), voice, music, images, transitions, and pacing. Whenever I facilitate digital storytelling workshops, I drill it into my students that a script must first stand on its own and communicate even without the use of media (images and music).

In August 2015, I worked closely with the Association for Persons with Special Needs to create 50 digital stories for Singapore’s 50th birthday celebrations. Working within a tight budget, I was very grateful to composers and musician who not only produce great music but willingly shared it without charge. As I got into the heart of each storyteller’s story and listened to each voice narrative, I worked hard at keeping each piece of background music exclusively for each storyteller. (Didn’t quite succeed). 

Intuitively I know what music does to the voiceover and story. In this commentary on the classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, composer and musician Rob Kapilow sensitises us to the art of music. A music lesson well worth watching for any digital storyteller.

The original video and script was posted at PBS.

About the Author:
Well told stories are like potato chips. You can't stop at one. I hope the telling of my stories will make you thirsty to discover your own stories.

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